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This project was successful and was funded on October 03, 2021
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Timuntu Travel exports African culture internationally and explores the wonderful treasures of this continent so that you can enjoy them in all authenticity.


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Providing a unique experience and give meaning to your trip, this is the mission of the agency. By offering responsible travel, the agency has chosen to participate in the economic development and cultural influence of the 54 African countries it offers. The positive impacts are therefore maximised and the negative impacts minimised. Local, professional guides are on hand to ensure that travellers visit incredible places in a safe manner. The Timuntu Travel team takes on the role of transmitting its knowledge about Africa in order to allow everyone to share the reality of the continent and to form their own idea of ​​the country they are visiting.

Timuntu means knowing ‘’how to be’’ in Lari which is the original language of the founder. For her, it represents a way of life, humility, the discovery of the other and a series of encounters. This is the equivalent of the African philosophy ‘’ Ubuntu ’’ which emphasizes being oneself through others ’.


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About our project

Every month, receive The Maana Box at home and its selection of products that invite you to discover Africa in an unusual way. Through the 5 senses (sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing), it is a real sensory and immersive experience that we offer you in order to embark on a journey to the heart of an authentic Africa, culturally rich with a poignant heritage.

5 products will be presented at the heart of the box each month. Typical African products, unearthed in the heart of local markets, handmade by craftsmen for whom the making of these objects is passed down from generation to generation. Whether you are a discoverer or a true aficionado of Africa, the promise of an authentic experience will amaze you.

The aim is to bring you together and share our beautiful culture with you, nothing more nothing less.

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Do you know the meaning of the word "Maana"?

Straight from Kiswahili, “Maana” means to give meaning. This is not only a pure representation of our box but also of our company. Indeed, we always work in accordance with our values ​​of authenticity and respect in order to give meaning to your desires through unique experiences.

Our products:

What can you find in the boxes?

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Why this project?

The pandemic we are currently experiencing has revealed the importance of responsible travel. It is essential for us to keep this connection with you in order to make you travel off the beaten track and dare to go beyond the clichés. This box offers the possibility of travelling differently thanks to local products and the sharing of African culture.

We are not the only ones who benefit from this project, because by choosing to help us in our solidarity approach, you too participate in the local economy and the development of small producers. In addition, the objective of this innovative project is to allow you to come together in order to discover African realities and to transmit this undervalued heritage.

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Why are we launching this campaign?

If you like this campaign, it will allow us to start the production of our Maana Boxes in large quantities.

If thanks to you, we manage to reach the 500 sales of Maana Box, then we can validate that this concept speaks to you and interests you and that you are ready to start this adventure with us to discover countries you have not explored before.

From 1000 Maana Boxes sold, we launch the production of Maana Boxes until the end of 2021.

From 1,500 Maana Boxes sold, we will be able to expand the offer and seek the products at the source in ALL African countries in order to find new nuggets for you.

Your contributions are essential for the long term success of this project as well as for allowing African culture to shine on the international scene.

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Who is the founder of the Maana Box?

Rille Babingui-Takore is the founder of Timuntu Travel, a travel agency specialising in the organisation of responsible travel in Africa. Although she grew up with an African cultural education, she took no interest in it for years. It was a real eye-opener for her when she met her in-laws who proudly claim their roots! When she went to Ivory Coast, she then became aware of all the stereotypes and prejudices that she herself had about Africa and discovered a completely different reality. She then embarked in a real work of valorisation and positif influence of the Africa that we are not shown.

Her mission is to impact the world by highlighting the beauty of the African continent and allowing everyone to discover Africa differently.

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A 100% committed team

Rille, the Congolese Founder married to the Ivory Coast and South Africa is doing everything to promote the African continent in a responsible manner. Nakisa, originally from Zimbabwe, is in charge of development. Passionate about history and culture, she wishes to give Africa back the place it deserves. Aniela, our Ivorian passionate about gastronomy and communication, treats us taste buds and eyes. Rachel, Moroccan Algerian, her commitment to sustainable development allows us to build lasting relationships with partners and travellers. Honorine joined us in South Africa to make all of Africa shine. Her passion for communication and visual art makes her an indispensable member of the team. Léna, our digital marketing intern who is always thirsty to learn and who succeeds in showcasing Africa as it really is.

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They trusted us

Many Timuntists have travelled with us before because they wanted to travel differently. As a tailor-made and responsible travel specialist in Africa, Timuntu Travel has responded to their desires by creating a program specially designed according to their wishes and expectations in a selection of 54 countries. Whether you are travelling alone, as a couple, as a family with or without children, Africa is a rich land full of surprises suitable to all.

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How it works ?

To contribute by credit card : click on contribute. Enter the amount of your contribution. Then enter the requested information as it appears on the card and click on confirm payment. You will then have the choice to contribute up to the desired amount, with or without offer.

Once your contribution is received, you will receive a confirmation email thanking you for your participation.

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If the campaign reaches or exceeds the defined objective, it is then successful and the collection is paid to the project leader.

Your contribution, whatever it is, can help us achieve our goal. Talk about the Maana Box around you and we invite you to massively share this campaign so that it goes viral. Together, let's make Africa shine as it should.

Once the campaign is over, we will confirm your delivery details with you. Deliveries of counterparties will be made from October 1, 2021 and the delivery time will depend on your geographic area.

-> Different delivery prices, depending on the chosen offer and therefore the weight of the box.

Don't forget to spread the word about Timuntu Travel and find us on social media. In this summer month, Timuntu Travel wishes you "a sensory awakening" and happy holidays!

If you have any question, feel free to get in touch with us via email or on our social medias:



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