Values and ethics

Our values

Fiatope promotes the key values of sustainable development for African societies. For us, sustainable development encompasses all the principles of social progress based on the idea that it is better to provide people and communities with the means to produce rather than the products themselves. Means to produce are not only financial. They include nurturing new skills and abilities as part of the entrepreneurial initiative.

We selected six areas in which we feel that entrepreneurship is most vital to develop, support and accompany in Africa. These areas are:

At Fiatope, we believe that African civil society should act at the heart of development efforts, on a par with the authorities which do not always have the means or knowledge to carry out sovereign functions. We are convinced that entrepreneurship is the key to addressing economic development priorities.

These areas were chosen because of our conviction that:

Lastly, we are convinced that:

Our ethics


The staff are our foremost ambassadors in projecting and upholding our values both within and outside of the company

They are attentive, respectful and open toward our customers, partners and the institutions which support us. They are responsible, conscientious, and friendly.

Partners and suppliers

These legal entities have earned our trust as we have been working together to serve the interest of the projects we accompany

They have taken a clear stance against embezzlement of funds received from donors for project owners.

The other major cornerstone of our cooperation is cordiality in our exchanges and in our respective areas of expertise.

Project Owners

Project owners are Fiatope’s raison d’être. They enable the system to thrive through their original ideas, their ambition and perspicacity.

They have taken a firm stand against misappropriation of funds received on the platform from donors or from sponsors who take part in the ownership of the project. They also pledge not to seek funding for causes dissimulated under a worthy intention. This type of behavior is clearly contrary to our values and to the terms and conditions expressing the legal framework for the use of our platform.

Project owners understand that their sponsors are people who are passionate about the development of their community and region, and who wish to make their mark by supporting such initiatives.


Contributors are the other side of the coin for Fiatope. These people are philanthropic, and eager to make an impact by supporting a project in Africa. Fiatope cannot accept funds from any person who finances or supports projects with a hidden agenda, as spelled out in our terms and conditions.

Fiatope Sponsors

Sponsors contribute to our effectiveness by funding our associations’s activities, resources and costs. They make it possible for us to fulfill our vision and our missions.

They understand that social and community-based entrepreneurship does not mean maximizing dividends. They are appreciated for their contribution in helping us strive for an ideal of emergence.

Our Fees

Fiatope will always be perfectly transparent in its fee schedule, which is published in the FEES webpage.

Our annual report describes in detail how we use the revenue earned from our activity.

Our management model

Fiatope, which strives to innovate in management, is a precursor in the collegial approach to decisionmaking. At Fiatope, the manager makes decisions after consulting with his/her team, promoting consensus among them.

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