Where does the word Fiatope comes ?

Literally, « the Chief of Tope », Fiatope was the head of the Tope neighborhood in a village in Western Cameroon in the 1950s.

An illustrious figure with avant-garde ideas of development, Fiatope stayed for a length of time in a big city in southern Cameroon. He returned to his village with ambitions for modernization as well as valuable skills gained on large public works projects. Fiatope was a resplendent man intent on sharing his well-being with his fellow people.

Shortly after he was appointed as Chief, he set out to involve the people of his community in setting up public services to the benefit of all: building health-care and school huts, improving roadways among the different neighborhoods, and constructing a concrete bridge which is known as the Fiatope Bridge to this day.

Last but not least, Fiatope introduced innovative economic management techniques. For example, he set up a « tontine » system for agriculture whereby the community was engaged in farming parcels of land belonging to different families.

Fiatope and his actions represent our aspirations and we are honored to have named our association after this exceptional figure.