Build a successful campaign

Once the project is selected, we accompany the project leader towards the success of its participatory fundraising campaign.

Key information about your campaign

The description of your project in a few words

This text must be up to 140 characters long. This is the first thing Internet users will read (text on the thumbnail). So be clear, hard-hitting and call to support your project! Be aware that 50% of Internet users will only read this text.

The financial objective to be achieved

Before setting your goal, bear in mind that we operate with the all or nothing rule. If you reach or exceed your goal, you will recover the results of the collection. On the other hand, if you do not reach the goal, your contributors will be automatically reimbursed. Therefore, the key to this adventure is to properly set the financial goal to achieve.

To set this goal, list and quantify the various expenses related to your project. Be precise, transparent and above all stop at the vital minimum. Remember that the rule always allows you to exceed the set amount. Next, see if your mobility network can enable you to achieve this goal. If this is not the case, re-adjust it while remaining consistent with what you want to achieve.

The average contribution on is 51 Euros, if you want to raise 5000 Euros, you will need about a hundred contributors.

Take really time for reflection to determine your goal.

The duration of the fundraising

During your campaign, you will have to federate a community of people around your project so that they support you. Allow yourself time to reach your goal, but avoid keeping your collection too long, so it stays dynamic and rhythmic!

Beyond a certain threshold of time, it is not because your collection will last more than it is more likely to succeed. The feeling of relative urgency will allow you to stimulate your contacts.

Generally, collections collect activity peaks at the beginning and at the end of collections. The duration of a collection on Fiatope is 90 days maximum. Also, once your collection is launched, you will not be able to change the amount or duration of the collection!

What you will need to succeed

Determination and commitment

The association Finance Participative France has published statistics that show that only 52% of the campaigns are successful. You will therefore need to prepare your campaign but also to be applying and motivating.

A good detailed presentation of the project

This is the part that gives the most information about your project. Here you have to explain the genesis of your project, why it is important, why you want to appeal to the public, and what happens next (after funding). You will need a Storytelling art pei. Many contributors need to have a great story to get started.

Make your project credible by giving a maximum amount of information.

Also detail the use of the budget. Here the two rules are transparency and coherence. The total items you detail must match the amount you want to collect. Soliciting the participation of your entourage and the public is not insignificant. Detail very precisely the items of expenditure that you integrate into your collection. Also talk about what you can do if you go beyond your goal. Again, be very clear and precise in writing this part.

Beautiful pictures

A picture is worth more than a thousand words. Decide your future contributors with images that capture their attention. The image of the thumbnail, that which will appear in the page "to discover" must have a beautiful visual. It is indeed the first iamge that will see your future contributors. We also advise you to enhance the description of your project with several relevant images. This also makes reading easier.

Select your images with great care. They must reflect the commitment you want to make.

A video highlight

A video is a great way to present your project and enlighten your future contributors on your intentions. Be aware that projects that do not have a video presentation attract less attention. It must remain short (less than two minutes) and strike the minds of Internet users.

The video is the opportunity to put your project on stage and to give it a life and a reality. Present your project and explain why you are organizing a fundraising event.

Be natural and do not hesitate to be fun! Explain to your future contributors how lucky they are to share with you the birth of your project. The video should show your enthusiasm and ambition.

Attractive rewards

Motivate your contributors by offering rewards. Obviously, it is not a matter of remunerating your contributors, but of rewarding their desire to help you.

Example: You are an association that makes a collection to finance the construction of a cultural institute in Burkina. Your reward system can include a membership of one year to your association, sign up for your newsletter or register their name on a stelle that will be affixed to the entrance of the building to be built.

Set several reward levels according to the level of contributions. You may also have only one reward level.

It is important to find the right balance between the cost of your rewards and the value your contributors perceive.

Rewards prohibited:

A continuous commitment

Stay connected with your supporters during the campaign. Those who have supported you will help you make new contributions.

Inform your contributors about the progress of the project. This is the first reward you have to give them.

An advantageous presentation of yourself (your bio)

At the end of the page, introduce yourself. The anonymous audience needs to know who is hiding behind such ambition and to know more about you.

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