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Ce projet n' a pas atteint l' objectif de €5,000 avant le Avril 11, 2021 et n'a pas été financé
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The Mobile Medical truck: A major innovation

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Millions of people die every year because of ignorance, a lack of preventive methods or as a result of false behaviours to diseases, or simply because of not having access to medical care.

We, at Espoir Santé Afrique/ "Hope Health Africa", believe that in these days Africa must take care of itself and engage itself in solving the health and development problems with its own human potential (local civil society and diaspora).

Our association "Hope Health Africa" was born in 2018. It consists of doctors, pharmacists, public health experts, and academics, as well as members of the diaspora from civil society, all volunteers and others involved in this project of the improvement of care and support and the access to patient care in Cameroon.

The Association’s purpose is to raise awareness among the African doctors/intelligentsia in general, including its diaspora which is often hardly, if at all solicited, for a broad (or extensive) mobilization for the achievement of the objectives for a better development related to health.

The association is also involved in the construction of a medical centre which is almost finished in Doula, but support is needed to finance the mobile medical truck which is a major innovation. The Medical Centre will provide: - Primary and quality first aid and health care (consultations in cardiology, gynecology, care, vaccinations, etc.) for people who have difficulties accessing health care - The public benefit of awareness campaigns and special screenings.

The Mobile Medical truck:

The mobile medical truck is an important piece to deploy these services in the most remote areas as well.

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It should be noted that doctors’ consultations will be carried out at a lower cost given the current economic situation of Cameroon.

This why we need your support and any kind of contribution to support this ambitious project of "Solidarity for Health". We count on you to accompany us in this human adventure.

Please find more info here:

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