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This project didn't reach the goal of $1,500 until January 09, 2019 and wasn't funded
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This project didn't reach the goal of $1,500 until January 09, 2019 and wasn't funded
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   Kigali, RWANDA


A poetry competition has been organized in Kigali every three months since October 2015 to identify and further develop artistic talents within rwandan youth. Helping the talented youth to record a video of their poetry contributes to communicate around about their performance and ability. This is the goal of this crowdfunding campaign


We strongly Believe that the expression of talent is vital in the development and Blossom of a society. Morever, there is no development without the celebration of culture as Léopold Sedar Senghor put it. FInally, poetry testifies the vitality of a culture and is a powerful tool to spread it.


By producing a Poetic video every month of 2019, transpoesis celebrates the power of poetry and its contribution to the local culture.

12 Poetic voices will be given the opportunity to have a real impact on the society, by speaking out the truth of their heart, by giving different realities of the society they are living in a voice, in order strengthen tolerance and harmony.

Each month, you will enjoy new pieces of art, made out from passion, fusion of poetry and images.

the world of a blind person, through the power of words.


Transpoesis was created in 2015 to open spaces of poetry creativity in Rwanda. Dr. Andrea Grieder, the founder of transpoesis, is an anthropologist and poetry teacher as well as a poet. With Mustapha Kayitare, journalist and event organizer, and Mugenzi Germain, label manager, transpoesis has been organizing a poetry competition named "Kigali vibrates with Poetry" every three months since October 2015.

The Winners of Kigali vibrates with Poetry are already rewarded with a Trophy from Nyirarumaga, the Mother of Poetry in Rwanda.

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With each Poetic Event, the Poetic Community is growing. Transpoesis LABEL gives the poets an other important space to develop their talents. We Believe that by continuing to grow the community, the country will discover the transformative power of poetry.


With the result of the Campaign, we will be able to produce a video out of a month laureate poem. Your contribution makes this happen! Small or big, it colors the World with Beauty.

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OUR CONTACT, +25 078 7395739

Impact Hub, The Office (3rd Floor), Number 34, KN 41 Street, Kiyovu, Nyarugenge Post address: P.B. 2850, Kigali, Rwanda